Keke Palmer convinces National Guard to take a knee, join Black Lives Matter protest


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Keke Holywood Actress, Keke Palmer has become an internet sensation after she convinced members of National Guard to take a knee alongside protesters of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles.

Keke who marched with thousands of protesters to lament the injustice meted out to Black community in America asked members of the National Guard to join the protest in a heartfelt speech.

The security operatives declined the request saying they could not leave their duty post, Undaunted, the Akeelah and the bee actress asked them to take a knee instead, a sign to show they disagree with the injustice and believe in the cause of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Stand together with the community, with society to stop, stop the governmental oppression.

“We need you. March with us, march beside us.” said the 26-year-old actress

The gallant National Guard members took a knee after listening to Keke’s impassioned speech.

Ms. Palmer condemned Trump’s statement “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” which she claimed could incite more violence against the black community.

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