Kiddwaya Advises Fans to Support BBNaija Stars Positively

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Big Brother Naija star, Kiddwaya, has taken to social media to address fans who often involve their favorite housemates in unnecessary conflicts, urging them to support their chosen stars in a positive manner.


In an Instagram post, the billionaire’s son emphasized that he can stand strong on his own, but expressed concern for other BBNaija stars who are drawn into needless rivalries due to fans’ actions. He noted that such behavior has made the reality TV show toxic, creating challenges for businesses to associate with the contestants.

Kiddwaya highlighted the impact of fans pitting their favorites against their fellow colleagues, potentially affecting their lives and careers. He urged fans to uplift and support the growth of their favorite housemates instead of creating unnecessary animosity.


Do you know how many of them feel the need to do things behind their fans back because they are worried of the backlash?” he questioned, underlining the mental toll this can take on individuals.

He shed light on the difficulty BBNaija stars face due to fans’ actions, emphasizing that making money in the industry is challenging, and relationships play a vital role.

Kiddwaya also voiced concerns about the industry’s reputation, pointing out that the toxic atmosphere created by some fans and blogs can deter people and businesses from associating with BBNaija. He called for a shift in fan behavior and a more positive approach to supporting their favorite stars.

The BBN graduate concluded with encouraging his fellow colleagues to use their discretion and not fall prey to the negative narratives fans might create, urging them to choose their paths wisely in the entertainment world.

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