Ladies in Lagos give reasons for wearing low haircut

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Amid the variety of trendy hairstyles, some ladies in Lagos have opted for low haircut for different reasons.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos that the act was as a result of pacing up with the fashion trend in the society.

A business woman, Miss Mariam Onifade, told NAN that she chose to wear a low haircut because of the sensitive nature of her scalp.

“The sensitive nature of my scalp made it became impossible for me to wear braids or weave-on.



“It was for this reason that I decided to wear low haircut these days and also because of its low maintenance and simple hair care routine.

“Its a style for busy mothers and business women like me who don’t have the time for hairstyling every morning.

Mrs Victoria Ariyibioke, a lawyer, told NAN that simplicity had always been her watchword because she believed that the low haircut made her look simple and natural.

“I prefer to cut my hair because I have lots of tasks daily and I have to meet up with my daily challenges.



“I just have to comb and apply my activator and off I go,’’ she said.

Mrs Funmilayo Olowoyo, a staff of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), said that for her, low haircut was a fashion statement as it made her look younger than her age.

“I have my rough curls because it makes me to look younger and neat, it is easy to maintain for me,’’ she said.

Miss Angela Oni, a civil servant told NAN that she was forced to adapt to low haircut because of the severe heat that was generated by the full hair she used to wear.

“I cannot leave my hair uncut because I sweat a lot on the head, if I make my hair I will remove it within a week no matter how beautiful it is,’’ she said.

NAN reports that the most popular style for ladies that wear low haircut is the Anita Baker cut, named after popular American R and B singer.

Other popular styles for ladies that wear low haircut are rough curls, Galaxy, punk. (NAN)

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