Lagos Marathon: LAWMA workers speedily clean generated waste

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Thousands of empty pet bottles and other waste generated by participants at the starting point of the 2nd Access Bank Lagos City Marathon have been cleared by the Lagos waste Management Authority (LAWMA).

A Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that no sooner than the race began at the National Stadium, Surulere, the LAWMA workers immediately started cleaning the waste generated by the participants.

The waste generated includes biscuit and other foods wrappers deposited at the starting race’s starting point at the Marathon at the National Stadium.

One of the LAWMA workers, who spoke to NAN, said that they had to clean the area on time to move on to other places on the route used for race.



One of them, who identified herself as Bilikisu, told NAN that they were directed to clear the route in order to keep the city clean.

“Imagine if we are not here to work, what will the whole place look like?

“Some of our colleagues are also stationed in other parts to do the same thing,’’ she said.

Meanwhile, Kelechi Obi, a spectator, praised LAWMA for swiftly cleaning up the stadium and the route.



Kelechi said the whole place would have been in mess if not for the speed with which the workers attended to the waste.

“Kudos to LAWMA, they we’re able to clear all the refuse within a short period, kudos to them,’’ he said.

NAN also reports that no fewer than 64 foreign and 102 local elite athletes participated in the race that registered 55,000 runners from 27 countries. (NAN)

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