Lagos pastor Caught Sleeping with Members takes to his Heels

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A pastor in Lagos has taken to his heels after church members accused him of having carnal knowledge of some members.

It was learnt that the man of God took to his heels, on hearing about the arrival of police officers.

Someone who was present at the scene disclosed that, this incident took place mins ago at Fadeyi, Lagos, where the church (an uncompleted building) is located and the pastor of accused of sleeping with women in the church.

The eyewitness further recounts that the whole incident occurred when the pastor beat up a girl an even cut her hair. The girl got angry and decided to release an intimate video of her and the pastor because she was scared that, the man of her hair been used for rituals as other church members revealed that the pastor was using charm on women in the church.

It was further disclosed, on the arrival of police officers, the pastor took to his heels by escaping through a nearby fence.

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