LandLagos Boss Allegedly Sacked 40 People In One Day Due To “Bad Mood”

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Two former Employees of Divergent Enterprises, Mother Company to Pork Money, Porkoyum, LandLagos, and hairline factory Hyber Factory have accused the Owners of being fraudsters.

Some Twitter users have accused Glory Osei and husband Muyiwa Folorunsho of being fraudsters who are verbally and emotionally abusive to their staff

This comes as a shock to Nigerians who hold Glory Osei in high esteem. Nigerians are even more shocked that Glory is married. Because she never gave that impression.

Twitter User @eolaaa narrated the ordeal she suffered in the hands of Glory and her husband saying she was constantly berated, made her feel like she had no talent or skills whatsoever. She said they did everything humanly possible to frustrate her before sacking while withholding her salary. 

Muyiwa would summon us to his office numerous times a day. You never knew if you were going to get cussed out, forced into a debate about feminism, religion, Nigeria or listen to Muyiwas narssistic rants about how he’s beyond woke

One day they both summoned me to ask why I didn’t post when I’m very sure I did. There was literally no room for error. They both then proceeded to berate me and tell me I’m essentially a fraud and I have no talent, I have no drive and I’m a lazy person. I was so mad I cried

They would approve posts then when we post them they’ll charge their minds and delete it. They’ll now abuse you the next day for not posting

We only knew they were deleting posts because when it was my turn I would keep posting wondering if I had gone mad till he messaged me to stop saying he was taking them down

Muyiwa has calmed down, he was a lot worse when slim Tea was in Akoka. Some one that sacked 40 people in one day, cuz he was in a bad mood

The LandLagos is allegedly a fraudster and a Verbal Abuser who gratifies his ego by berating his employees


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