Leaked CEO Email: Internal Strife Hits Pepsi Nigeria, CEO may get boot

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The management of Pepsi Nigeria is undergoing some serious soul searching, as many of their staff have become disaffected by the company over its policy to destroy local Nigerian brands.

Sources in the know tell The Herald that Pepsi Nigeria CEO, Ziad Maalouf may get the boot due to the negative publicity brought about by his scathing email which was leaked on Twitter by unknown parties.

Staff of the company are also reportedly under pressure to protest the Lebanese owned company’s policy of destabilizing Nigerians.

Speaking to The Herald under the condition of anonymity, one insider confirmed this report.

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His words, “Tensions are high among employees because of the lack of regard for Nigerian businesses, Nigerian entrepreneurs and the Nigerian success story by senior management. One of my co-workers told me her husband asked her to resign because of the tone of superiority seen in the MD’s leaked email. He apparently seems to think that Lebanese people are better than Nigerians.

“Also some of our staff that are unhappy with the CEO, due to his disregard for low to middle level employees, especially in the Sales department. We believe all these will come to an end soon.”

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