#GeorgeFloyd: Looters mercilessly beat White Female Shop Owner, Husband for protecting their goods (VIDEO)

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VIDEO: Looters mercilessly beat Female Shop Owner, Husband for protecting their goods

America has been thrown into a state of pandemonium following the demise of George Floyd who died under questionable circumstances.

Derek Chauvin former Police officer was caught on camera kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes while ignoring pleas of ‘I can’t breathe” from the suspect.

Black community members have lashed out in anger at the government for their inaction towards the constant police harassment against their race.

In expressing their anger, many took to looting stores of Designer brands such as Nike and Louis Vuitton while carting away expensive sneakers, bags among other items.

A couple fell victim to this looting in Rochester, New York when they made futile efforts in protecting their business against looters. The angry looters seized the moment to unleash their pent-up rage as they hit the couple repeatedly using heavy equipment such as ladders.

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Video credit: World Star Hip Hop

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