Man Goes Viral After Posting Video Where He Grabs His Mother’s Bum


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A Nigerian man has gone viral after a video he took in which he was grabbing hold of his mother’s bum was posted on the internet.

In the 8-second long video, the man simply identified as ‘Biskit’ was standing behind his mother who was asking him in Yoruba whether he didn’t have work the next day.

He was holding on to her butt and filmed himself doing it. He captioned it ‘My first love’

Many Nigerians reacted to this calling it all shades of wrong as they felt he shouldn’t be doing that.

Some were of the opinion that while the act in itself isn’t completely ridiculous, the idea of posting it online for the world to see, is.

There were a few who felt that this is completely acceptable behaviour and there’s nothing wrong with a little mother-son loving.

You can have a look at the video below

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