Man Regularly Chains Wife In Car Over Fears Of Unfaithfulness


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A man was arrested after it was discovered that he had regularly locked his wife in his car over fears of unfaithfulness.

The man, John Adam VanHorn, 49, said that he felt better when he was sure that his wife was securely locked in his car while he went to work.

Police responded to a call about a woman locked in a car and got there to find VanHorn’s wife.

According to the New York Post, police found that the woman had a metal device shackled to her ankle and it was secured to the bottom of the passenger’s seat.

Police went after VanHorn and they got him driving nearby in another vehicle that he borrowed.

He was found to have the keys to his wife’s locks and also two BB Guns that the officers said looked ‘realistic’

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He then confessed that he kept his wife locked in the car for fear that she was sleeping around and being unfaithful.

The practice had been going on for about 6 months and it is unclear the number of times it actually happened.

The Police also revealed that they had seen the wife in the car a number of times, but never noticed that she was there against her will.

She claimed that she had been married to VanHorn for over 20 years.

VanHorn was arrested on charges of false imprisonment, but,  was released on bail.

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