Man Rises From the Dead Right Before Autopsy


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A convict who had been moved to a morgue after a suicide attempt gave the attendants a shock when he woke up just hours before his autopsy.

Spanish authorities had declared the prisoner dead when he was found apparently unconscious around 8am on Sunday. Three doctors checked him and presumed him dead.

The man whom the authorities failed to name is called Gonzalo Montoya according to the Spanish media. He is 29 and is in prison for stealing scrap metal.

Jose Carlos Montoya, the father of the prisoner stated: “He realised they were taking him out of the cover to put him on the table and do an autopsy.

“Doctors had already put marks on Gonzalo’s body for the autopsy.”

He added that his son had been unconscious after swallowing pills in an attempted suicide.

Spanish prison authorities and the government have opened an investigation into the case.

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