Man With Shirt Made Of Gold Murdered

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An Indian usurer, Datta Phuge who hit the limelight in 2015 for buying a shirt made of over 3kg of Gold worth over $250,000 was attacked on Thursday night.

The attack however led to the death of the 48-year-old who is based in Western Pune.

gold man

According to the Police, Mr Phuge popularly called “the gold man” was attacked by 12 people in Pune on the night.

The police explained that one of the suspects in the murder case had invited Mr. Phuge and his 22-year-old son to celebrate a birthday at an open ground in Dighi area where he was attacked with stones and other sharp objects.

The alleged killer however spared his son.

The Press Trust of India news agency gathered from inspector Navnath Ghogare, an officer of the Dighi Police station that investigation were ongoing a to “how Mr Phuge reached the open ground where he was murdered”

gold man 2

Mr. Phuge who often wore gold all over his body including his knuckles, neck, and wrists had said in an interview granted with BBC in 2013: “Some people ask me why I’m wearing so much gold but it was my dream. People have different aspirations. Some elite people want to own an Audi or Mercedes, and have big cars. I chose gold”.

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