Man Wakes Minutes Before Autopsy

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A man in India Himanshu Bharadwaj, who was in a morgue about to undergo an autopsy, woke up just minutes before the procedure was due to start.

Bharadwaj had been involved in a car crash and declared dead
He narrowly escaped having his body cut up after spending the night in a morgue.

His family called it a miracle after being told a pulse had been found just as he was about to slice the man open to perform the autopsy.

Himanshu was resuscitated and rushed to a different ward in the hospital after the error was realised.

Outside the hospital, a large crowd gathered to protest against the perceived negligence.

Bharadwaj was seriously hurt in a car accident on Monday, after which he was sent to the hospital. His condition worsened and he was declared dead.

Dr. Gedam of the Chhindwara District Hospital said the patient’s “respiration was dysfunctional” and his “pulse was also missing,” hence the erroneous conclusion that he had died.

Gedam added, “However, his respiratory organs began responding this morning.

“At times, in brain-dead patients, the heart and the respiratory system stop functioning transiently, which seems to be the case here.

“Himanshu is still brain dead. Thus, we have referred him to Nagpur due to lack of sufficient facilities locally.”

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