Manchester City Even Better This Season- Guardiola


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Manchester City Coach, Pep Guardiola, has said that his current team is even better than the record-breaking one of last season

Guardiola’s men won the league by a hundred points last season and lost only 2 games while creating a 19-point gap between them and second placed Manchester United

Yet the former Barcelona coach feels his current iteration of the team is much better

“In little details we are better than last season, which is normal because we have more time together,” he told  Sky Sports .

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“Our process, our build-ups, our high pressing, we can use different movements, we have more alternatives to defend into attack and we are more solid when we defend deeper.”

He also said that what pleased him the most about the team was their consistency

“It was our consistency.

“Of course we dropped points, that happens, but after that we were always there, which was the most remarkable thing and what I give the most importance.

“Winning cups or the Champions League, that’s six or seven games where you have to be good, but in the Premier League it can be every three days, which is why it’s the title I like the most.”

Manchester City lost their last game to Crystal Palace, widening the gap they need to make up to catch Liverpool to 4 points

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