Model from Drake video spotted in Abuja

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Every other city we go.

An American based Latina video vixen was spotted in an Abuja mansion heavily guarded by armed policemen. The vixen who goes by Winny The Pooh was featured in rapper Drake’s Hotline Bling video.

Nothing is known about the reason for her visit but rumour has it she might be the guest of a top shot politician or business mogul.

On her Instagram page imbadder, she captioned the picture she took in the plane which insinuated she flew private to Nigeria.

People have since been criticizing the Police force for having armed police men guard her despite the act being banned by the Inspector General recently.



The well endowed Vixen seems to be having a lot of fun and VIP treatment in Lagos, Nigeria and shows it off with no scruples.

Recall recently an online petition was started by angry Nigerian housewives who are enraged that these foreign alleged ladies of easy virtue are snatching the affections and bankrolls of their men, left, right and centre.

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