“My Breast Dicharges Milk” Sexless Pastor Laments


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Francis Gichuru Gachieki founder and senior pastor of Christ Ambassadors Church International, has stated that he has not had sex with his wife for over 10 years.

The reason he explained, is he was forced to abstain due to a rare medical condition.

He has not been intimate with his wife since 2007 when he developed ‘prolactinoma,’ a condition that has killed his sex drive the Kenyan pastor lamented.

Prolactinoma is a rare medical condition that causes reduced sexual desire, low calcium, hormonal imbalance excessive breast discharge, and even infertility.

The Nairobian newspaper learnt that the problem started immediately after their wedding which has made him and his wife childless.

“Actually, the problem began immediately after our wedding in 2000, then I could not perform to the maximum, but we could not figure out the root cause.

“After stepping out of a cyber café back in 2007, I noticed an unusual liquid on my shirt, but ignored it and proceeded home in Kariobangi.

“When I got home, my wife, Mercy Muthoni, also noticed the liquid discharge and asked me to remove my shirt after which she squeezed my breasts and discovered that the abnormal liquid was milk and not sweat.”

“I went to see a doctor who referred him to take several tests. More than three doctors conducted similar tests as the condition took a toll on me.”

Gachieki pleaded for financial aid so as to travel out of Kenya seeing as all medical help within his country had been futile.

“When my conditioned worsened in 2014, my doctor proposed a surgery in India, the United States, Singapore or Israel. This surgery is very important to me as it will restore my life including my libido.”

Pastor Gichuru says he currently feels weak and has become obese; he is also unable to enjoy certain types of food. To date, he has used more than Sh1.3 million on medical bills. Meanwhile, his doctors have estimated that he needs more than Sh2.5 million for a complete surgery.

Due to his condition, his Christian ministry suffered and “some members took off, saying that a childless man cannot lead them.”

Not so long ago, Pastor Gichuru said he attempted to advise some children of his relatives but they ended up mocking him and calling him useless.

“We planned a fundraiser within Embakasi after being advised by a local MP, but he also did not show up and we only managed to raise Sh180,000.”

But he is optimistic saying “God will answer my prayers one day through well-wishers.”

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