N.Y.C. Schools Will Not Fully Reopen in Fall- Mayor


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Mayor Bill Blasio on Wednesday said New York City public schools would not return to a full in-person class schedule in September, instead, would implement a mixed system which includes remote learning.

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Blasio said the decision was based on President Donald Trump’s push to have schools re-opened in the autumn, a move that includes a threat to withhold funding for educational systems.

New York City is the largest public school system in the country, with around 1.1 million students.

“When you think about social distancing, you need more space.

“You’re going to have fewer kids in a classroom, fewer kids in a school building. Most schools will not be able to have all of their kids in school at the same time.

“Many students will attend in-person classes two or three days a week. Class sizes will be limited and students will be required to wear face coverings.

“Parents who wants their children to continue learning remotely will have that option,” Blasio said.

The Trump’s administration argued that remote learning was not a substitute for in-person education, that there were developmental and mental health issues associated with kids being out of school.

Trump’s administration added that parents would not be able to return to work if children were at home.

However, the coronavirus has continued to spread in the U.S., with Southern states currently seeing massive spikes and the nation hitting record high daily caseloads.

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