American Football Will Promote Nigeria’s Socio-economic Development – NAFA

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Babajide Akeredolu, Founder, Nigerian-American Football Association (NAFA), on Thursday in Lagos said that introducing the sport properly to the country would help tackle some of the challenges the country had faced within the past years.

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Akeredolu, who is also the acting President of Lagos Marines Football Club, told newsmen that the sport would be taken to the grassroots first to ensure its acceptance by the society

He added that the sport would also attract people who had a passion for it

“Nigerians are purposefully built to play American Football because we have the strength and the courage for it.

“A lot of people love the sport because of health reasons and that is why NAFA is here to promote it.

“American Football will help Nigeria in improving our health, promoting unity, our diversity, gives people their livelihood, entertainment and above all education,” he said.

Akeredolu added that the sport would open doors for youngsters who have an interest in playing the sport in the education sector.

“The sports helps youngsters to get scholarship abroad, especially in the U.S.

“This will enable them to access good education which will eventually contribute to our education sector,” he said.

Also, Yinka Abisoye, Chief Executive Officer of Inspire Marketing and Branding International, said that no sport can develop without proper branding and sponsorship.

He added that taking the sport to the grassroots would help people develop an interest in the game.

“Taking the game to the grassroots level will help us build the present and future players.

“We Will establish the games in the high schools and universities to further develop the interest of the youth.

“I have been following this game for over 40 years and I can tell you we are not promoting something new but trying to develop people for it,” he said.

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Contributing, Dominick Muller, a Pioneer of NAFA, added that Nigeria was a place to develop the sport, by discovering more talents

He said that equipment for the game would be made available as soon as the interest of the people was confirmed.

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