Nephew Shares Horrific Video Of 60-year-old Uncle Gunned Down By Police


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A man has shared a horrific video showing the moment his 60-year-old uncle was shot 4 times by Howard police officers.

The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday, May 27, only days after Howard police shot a man dead after a traffic stop.

The 13-second clip shows the man, in his 60s, in a tense stand-off surrounded by five armed officers with guns drawn, just feet away from the man.

In the video, there were a lot of shouting, but the police officers were heard shouting “put it down” as the man appears to be holding something over his head. Few second later, gun shots were heard and the man could be seen falling to the ground.

The victim’s nephew shared the footage on Instagram and on Twitter. He said cops claimed his uncle had a gun but there was no gun on him.

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He wrote: “FUCK YOU @HaywardPD these bitch ass pigs put 4 shots in my uncle after tasing him n tried to say my uncle had a gun! WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT GUN IN THIS VIDEO???! THEM PROCEED TO RAID MY AUNT N UNCLES HOUSE LOOKING FOR SAID “GUN” FUCK @HaywardPD  FRFR.”

Watch video below:

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  1. Odimegwu Eke says

    US Police is trending,though wrongly for human right abuses.This is too bad for a country that claims to be the World Police.

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