New Chief of Staff, Gambari was Abacha’s Man – Wole Soyinka


Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has alleged that the new chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Gambari was a close member of the inner circle of late dictator, General Sani Abacha.

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Ibrahim Gambari, an Ilorin prince was announced as the new chief of staff to the President, after his predecessor, Abba Kyari died of COVID-19 complications.

Speaking in an interview with Plus TV Africa, Soyinka said Gambari would not make any difference in Buhari’s administration.

“I know Gambari, he’s part of the structure.

“Gambari was an Abacha man which means that he has the Abacha status quo mentality. Let’s put it that way. Gambari is not going to make any difference here, he is just going to make sure that he’s looking after his portfolio over there. So why are we looking in that direction for salvation in this country?

I didn’t want to join in that debate because I want him to enjoy his stay. But I know Gambari very, very well,” Soyinka said.

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