Nicki Minaj and Cardi B exchange twitter subs following Nicki’s latest single release


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Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are at each other’s throats again and are not being as subtle as they think.

Following the release of Nicki’s latest single, Super Freaky Girl, the artist and her counterpart, Cardi B, began throwing subs at each other on Twitter after Cardi quoted a Nicki fan’s tweet with “Go stream” in a now-deleted tweet. The artist clearly meant to be shady but Nicki’s fans, the “Barbz” were not having it and they did indeed stream, making Nicki’s single break both her Spotify and Apple music records.

Cardi B responded by not only deleting the tweet but tweeting back and implying that Nicki was using her to gain clout.

While the Barbz were not having this either and taking Cardi B to the washers, Nicki’s response was short and straightforward.


The artistes have been feuding since the debut of Cardi’s career in 2017. They had just one physical altercation at the New York Fashion Week in 2018. Cardi B physically attacked Nicki Minaj but was escorted out by security with a lump on her forehead.

Their feud is yet to inspire a diss track from either party as is traditional in the rap scene. Nicki Minaj has several diss tracks targeted at her opponents. However, fans believe that some of the lyrics embedded in the artiste’s songs could be directed at Cardi B, including the song they were both featured in by Migos which also happens to be their only existing collaboration.

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