Nigerian Music Icon, Salawa Abeni, Unveils Third Husband

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Veteran Nigerian musician Salawa Abeni has proudly introduced her third husband, Comptroller Rasheed Adahunse, during his retirement and birthday party in Lagos over the weekend. The event marked a joyous occasion as Adahunse, who serves as the comptroller and commandant of the Customs Training College, celebrated both the conclusion of his professional career and the beginning of a new chapter.

Salawa Abeni

Expressing her gratitude and affection at the celebratory gathering, Salawa Abeni shared words of appreciation. “I don’t have many words to utter other than to thank God. I will just say a bit about my dearest husband,” she stated. Abeni went on to acknowledge the significance of their union over the past four years, praying for Adahunse’s longevity and abundance in this new phase of life.

Addressing the audience, she reflected on their unconventional journey. “You saw me as a musician, and I saw you then as a complete ‘English’ man, but love conquered all. I have not chosen wrongly,” Abeni remarked.

Adding a musical touch to the festivities, Salawa Abeni shared a video of her performance at the event on her Instagram page, extending warm congratulations to Adahunse on his retirement and birthday celebration. In her caption, she wrote, “Congratulations on your retirement and birthday celebration, Comptroller Rasheed Agbolade Adahunse.”

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