Nigerians React To GTBank MD Bloody Assault On Staff

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Following the arrest of a Nigerian man, Ayodeji Bejide, who is a GTBank MD in Liberia over the assault of one of his staffers, Nigerians have reacted on Social media

Bejide was accused of stoning the staffer, Edward Freeman, with a calculator at a GTBank located in Monrovia, Liberia and was arrested. A viral video which showed Freeman with a bloody lip has been circulating on social media and many Nigerians have come out to speak on it, condemning Bejide and the banking sector in general.

What the comments from Nigerians on the GTBank controversy revealed was a shocking trend in which many employees are assaulted by their superiors in the workplace with many Nigerians noting that Bejide felt he could get away with it because it was a common practise in Nigeria and that usually nothing was done.

It will be recalled that recently there was a lot of controversy surrounding Fidelity bank after a manager of the bank was accused of ordering security guards to beat up a customer

A comment by Footzfittings said: “This issue has eaten so deep that people take it as a norm in Nigeria. Too bad”

Another commenter, Dolarotua, said: “This are exactly the things they do and get away with in naija,u dont want to hear some of the things their staff here in naija endure,been there so i know what i am saying..”

It seems there is abuse going on in Nigerian workplaces, especially banks which are high pressured environments with many saying that the events in the GTBank scandal are normal in Nigeria.

Further illustrating this point, Pamela Benson said: “It seems GTBank ogas are violent. He must be punished accordingly so that he will know how to treat his subordinates with respect.”

Ibilolatiwo said: “Im sooo glad this is out there…..hopefully this addresses the mental and verbal assault in Nigerian banks. Voluntary Slavery!!!”

Sadezatto16 said: “The MD should never get a job again!! That’s how some bosses will give someone bag to carry or send you to go buy food!!!Mehn Nigeria has a long way to go yet na Gay people be their problem. Cleaner and directors have same rights in developed countries. Do your job and everyone goes home. Smh”

Some commenters weren’t as supportive of the victim with some even going as far as to disparage Liberians as being lazy

Ogannmadi said: “sorry to say Liberians are somewhat lazy…”

Spunky Hassana said: “Nobody knows what really caused this but errybody judges. People will push you to the wall but display of violence or yelling cos of anger makes you the lesser person. Nobody cares how it started. Many ways to reset someone calmly and intelligently. 😏”

With this coming out, perhaps more cases of assault in the workplace will be brought to light and perhaps there can be an avoidance of such unfortunate incidents like this GTBank scandal moving forward.

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