Nollywood Actress Joke Silva Advocates for a Vibrant Sex Life in Marriage

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In the latest episode of the Africa Magic docuseries, “The Rabors Forever After,” veteran Nollywood actress Joke Silva passionately highlighted the positive impact of a healthy sex life within marriages, challenging the common misconception that older women are less sexually active than their younger counterparts.

Joke Silva

Silva emphatically rejected the notion that women lose interest in sex and childbearing after menopause, urging them not to resign to such beliefs. Instead, she encouraged women to explore the use of supplements and lubricants as effective tools to enhance and spice up their sex lives.

The accomplished actress expressed her disagreement with the stereotype that men become more polygamous as they age and purportedly require younger women for their supposed increased activity. She dismissed such ideas as a “load of crock.”

Silva shed light on the benefits of post-menopausal life, emphasizing that women experience increased relaxation, free from the chemical interventions associated with pregnancy or other artificial means. She debunked the notion that age hinders sexual activity, asserting that women can lead fulfilling and active sex lives well into their later years.

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