#NotTooYoungToRun: We Commend the 8th Senate; Young People Must Take Power in 2019


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We want to use this medium to commend the 8th Assembly of the Nigerian Senate led by Senator Bukola Saraki on this historic passage of bills that of National importance in particular the Not Too Young To Run bill.


It is pertinent to note that by the passage of the Not Too Young To Run bill, the long time age limit that has prevented young cerebral Nigerians that have 21st Century ideas and innovations  has been expunged from our Constitution and by virtue of this, young people can now seek to be elected into various offices as President, governors and representatives.



We also want to commend the Nigerian Senate for separating the office of the Attorney general of the federation from the Ministry of Justice. This move will go a long way in addressing the overbearing political influence that has characterized our Justice system.


We therefore enjoin the Nigerian youth to seize this opportunity and vie   for different elective positions as power is not given by anyone to anyone but taken.


Young Nigerians must now realize that the future, leaders of 1966 spoke about is finally here. They must do everything humanly possible within the confine of the law to seize power.


Power was not given to Emmanuel Macron of France. Power was not given to Barack Obama of Untied States of America and it is certain that power will not be given to the Nigerian youth, they must take it.


Finally, we express our reservation about the immunity granted to legislators for actions taken in the course of their duties. We believe that this time when Nigerians are clamoring for the removal of immunity granted to the Executive office holders, is not the time to grant immunity to members of the Legislature. Furthermore, the nature of the immunity surposedly contained in the Constitutional amendment, is already provided for by Section 3 of the Legislative  houses, powers and privileges Act, thereby making the amendment unnecessary.


God Bless Nigeria.

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