Obasanjo returns to Prison once I become President – Fayose

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Ayo Fayose, former Governor of Ekiti state has continued to berate Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria over his perceived condescending comment on late Buruji Kashamu.

The Herald on Sunday reported Obasanjo in his condolence message claimed the political gimmicks of late Kashamu to evade justice, could not protect him from the cold hands of death.

The condolence remarks attracted a huge backlash from Fayose and other Nigerians who claimed his comment was too harsh on the memory of the deceased.

The immediate past Governor of Ekiti state wrote “Nigerians await your end”

Although, Obasanjo has replied critics saying citizens are free to mourn him as they like, Fayose remains undaunted as he continues to wage a verbal war against the former President.

In his latest remarks, the former Governor accused Obasanjo of forcing state Governors to donate N10million towards the project of the Presidential library.

Ayodele Fayose further alleged the former President resuscitated his dying Ota farm with government funds.

According to him, Obasanjo would return to prison if becomes the President of Nigeria.

“Let me tell to you, Obasanjo has made hate speech and should be brought to book by this government. I pray one day I will become president of this country by God’s grace. Obasanjo will go back to prison. I’m telling you the truth because there are so many things Obasanjo must be questioned about.

“Obasanjo is not a saint when he came out of prison his farm at Ota was in shambles. But, today, it is back to life. Where did the money for resuscitating the once ailing farm come from? It was from the government.

“For the library, all governors at that time contributed 10 million naira each to support Obasanjo by force. The third term is still fresh in our memory. So, baba should stop telling us he is a saint. Shagari was not good enough. He imposed him on Nigerians. He brought Yar’ dua and Jonathan. Nobody is good to Obasanjo except himself.

“Whatever you say about Kashamu. He has paid his own dues, spent his time. No court convicted him and he left and departed the world. Everybody will have an end. Let wait and see how Obasanjo will end,”

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