Ocean Surge: Teenager drowns at Bar beach


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A teenager was swept away into the ocean as he played at the Br beach during the Eid el Fitr celebration. The young boy who remains unidentified had frantic efforts made to save him, but most of the would-be heroes were afraid of the high waves of the ocean.

According to eye witnesses, despite the throngs of people who visited the beach yesterday, only two life guards were spotted anywhere on duty.

Despite the drowning of the boy, many fun seekers continued to enjoy themselves as if nothing had happened.

Reports state that one girl panicked because she could not find her brother, but stopped her cries when she was able to find her real brother.

National Emergency Management Agency spokesman, Ibrahim Farinloye said, “The body has been taken to the mortuary. It is just sad that this had to happen despite the warnings we issued that people should stay off the beach because of an impending ocean surge.”

He said NEMA had warned people of the Ocean surge which is expected to last a few days and said though people could visit the beach, they should not swim.

“People are allowed to go to the beach but they should not swim. For some months, the ocean had been monitored and the warnings NEMA issued were consistent with the signs that were noticed, which showed that there might be an ocean surge,” he said.


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