On Fire Church wins Lawsuit, secures injunction against Government’s Easter Lockdown Measures


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A Louisville Church in the United States, the ‘On Fire Church’ has won a lawsuit against the city which banned public gatherings including church services to contain the spread of Coronavirus in the city.

A Federal judge vacated an order by the major of Louisville, Greg Fischer (D) that criminalised drive in church services during Easter celebrations.

According to the Judge, the order criminalised the Easter Celebrations.

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On Fire Christian Church had sued the mayor and the city of Louisville on Friday saying the directive of the mayor violated constitutional rights and religious liberty.

Issuing a temporary restraining order on Saturday, US District Judge, Justin Walker said Mayor Fischer criminalised the communal celebration of Easter.

The Judge thereafter banned the city from enforcing the laws.

“enforcing; attempting to enforce; threatening to enforce; or otherwise requiring compliance with any prohibition on drive-in church services at On Fire.” These were the precise words used by the Judge.

Judge Walker also granted the motion of the Church for an oral argument scheduled for April 14.

The church informed the court that It had been carrying out drive in services at the parking lot of the church property for several weeks now because of stay at home orders imposed on much of the country.

It stated that it’s members remained in their vehicles which are spaced six feet apart for the duration of the service.

Mayor Fischer relaxed the directives in compliance with the court order in an address issued on Saturday morning. He also used the opportunity to discourage people from attending drive in services during the Easter weekend.

He said discouraging people from going to church hurt him a lot but he doesn’t want anybody to die.

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