One Day Old Baby Stolen And Sold For N1.3m By Ministry Officials


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Two members of the Social Welfare ministry in Kumasi, Ghana, have been arrested for reportedly stealing and selling a day-old baby.

Justice Administration Officer, the 58-year-old Samuel Obeng Afriyie and probation officer, Evelyn Jemima Alangeah, admitted guilt to selling the baby to a couple for over GHS16,500 (1,336,333.09 Naira).

The pair stole the baby from its mother under dubious means. The mother of the baby had initially looked for support from the Social Welfare Department’s Regional Office last year after her boyfriend abandoned her with a pregnancy.

That was where she met probation officer, Alangeah, who told her to call when she was due for delivery.

When she was due for delivery she was taken by the social worker to a private maternity home in Kumasi where her new-born baby was stolen from her.

The probation officer then lied to the expectant mother that the baby was sick and had been taken to a nearby hospital for further observation after it was born with rashes on the neck.
Meanwhile, she took the baby to an orphanage in Kumasi and sold it to an unsuspecting couple, who had registered at the home. She then shared the money with her accomplice.

The new mother was told that her baby had died. She didn’t believe the story and went to the police with her suspicion and it led to the current revelations.

The police are investigating and planning to take the matter to court.

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