Outrage as Busola Dakolo loses Rape case to Biodun Fatoyinbo, to pay him N1m

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There has been a public outrage following the court’s dismissal of Busola Dakolo’s rape allegations against popular Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo of the COZA church. The court also awarded a cost of N1m against Mrs. Dakolo.

Nigerians have taken to social media to lambast the Judiciary, accusing the government tier of being Rape enablers.

Many Nigerians claim rape victims will no longer come forward to report culprits for fear of victimization.

Read some of their reactions;


Busola Dakolo, i am so sorry.
sorry that the church failed you, sorry that the system failed you, sorry that you are being punished for speaking your truth.

i am sorry.


No matter the cause, one of the effects of this judgment in Busola’s case is that a lot of women who are the victims of sexual assault will think “What if I lose & I’m asked to pay a fine?” before they determine not to speak up.

And that’s just sad


Busola Dakolo will pay the one million naira damages and we will all move on but deep down, we all know Fatoyinbo is a rapist. No 🧢


This Busola Dakolo case is very sad cause her voice gave strength to many survivors to speak up. This case being thrown out as it was will make survivors lose hope again in the justice system. Not just cause they might lose but they might have to pay their rapist for “damages”

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When the people cannot trust the nation’s most fundamental institutions, an indefinite invitation to anarchy is on the table. This growing judicial erosion of public trust will spark a spike in how people take the law into their own hands.


So Busola lost the case and was fined 1 million naira.. Nigeria doesn’t cease to amaze. Mockery of our judicial system!


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