#JusticeForIzu: Outrage as man commits suicide after Twitter Influencer falsely accused him of rape


Following the suicide story of Izu @legend_izu  who allegedly took his own life after a Twitter Influencer falsely accused him of rape, Nigerians have taken to social media to call for justice.

It all began when @Nanichianese compiled a list of rapists based on unverified reports from some ladies who claimed to have been raped. She posted the list on her Twitter account and keypad warriors took it up from there.

Outrage as man commits suicide after Twitter Influencer falsely accused him of rape
Nani Chianese

Keypad warriors rained insults on @legend_izu and some other names on the rape list.

Izu, a promising young entrepreneur made unsuccessful attempts to clear his name but @nanichianese refused to budge. He called Nani several times, demanding to know the lady who accused him of assaulting her but Nani who wanted to protect the identity of the alleged victim, refused to give Izu.

The young man who could not handle the emotional trauma caused by the rape allegations decided to end his life.

Previous chat history revealed that Izu once rejected relationship advances from Nani who found him attractive enough to date.

However, this has attracted angry reactions from online users who have called for the same punitive measures on rape offenders to be meted on accusers of false rape allegations.


I have been falsely accused without anyone supporting me , with everyone I trust against me . False accusations pierce the soul and not everyone can stand the stigma , the instant trauma & pain . False Rape accusers should not go unpunished, it shouldn’t be bants .


Rape has become a weapon women and misandrists are using on Men whom they had a fall out with to get back at them and even if you prove the Accusation is false there’s always a dent on your image.

Let there be a lawful prison sentence for False accusers!


This is the bitch that accused my friend wrongly of rape, now my friend has committed suicide, he killed himself because he couldn’t handle the trauma,his phone kept blowing up, you didn’t give him a chance to clear his name. #justiceforizu she has locked her accounts. RIP Izu 💔


#Nani claimed to be a middleman and refused to let Izu in on his crime.
#Nani blocked Izu despite several pleadings from him to know what he did wrong.
#Nani are you happy?
#Nani have you healed?
#Nani have your so called Victim healed?
#Nani are you at peace?


#justiceforizu His family must take legal steps to serve as a deterrent to others who like to falsely accuse people, this idea of coming to social media first as to stop. Social media should be your last resort if the law as failed you. And when coming out please have evidence

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