Pastor Gets Bitten By Rattlesnake While Preaching


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A controversial Pastor Cody Coots, got bitten by a rattlesnake while preaching four years after his father succumbed to a rattlesnake’s bite

Coots is the pastor at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name church in Middlesboro, Kentucky

He was preaching with the snake held aloft and the creature, in natural snake manner, snapped at the Pastor’s ear causing blood to pour out on the Pastor’s shirt

Coots, believing that Jesus would save him, didn’t attend to the bite saying; ‘Keep playing’ and ‘I’m not worried at all. God’s a healer, I’m not worried’.

It soon became clear that he would have been better served to be worried as blood kept pouring down his face regardless of how many times he tried to wipe it off

He eventually had to be hauled off as he continued to suffer from the bite of the rattlesnake

He was taken to the hospital where he was told that he was lucky not to be dead. Following the incident, it has been reported that Coot’s is beginning to reconsider his life

One of the people who took him to the hospital said: ‘Most people bit in the face are dead in five, ten minutes. I mean, his own daddy got bit in the hand and within seven minutes was dead.’

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Cody’s father, Jamie Coots was also bitten by a rattlesnake and he died by the bite while preaching in 2014

Pastor Coot’s wife Tammy, 25, said: ‘That church is their blood, you know. It started with their family and it’s going down with their family.

‘Me and Cody didn’t talk about religion until after we got married and all I said is, “God, what did I get myself into?”’

The rattlesnake handling Pastors do it to show their congregation and non-believers that they are being protected by God and that nothing will harm them. Therefore, they preach, sing and dance with the snakes.


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