Pastor Rapes Children With Wife’s Consent (VIDEO)

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Pastor Michael Oluronbi has been convicted after he was found guilty of raping children and adults with the consent of his wife.

Pastor Rapes Children With Wife's Consent

The UK-based Nigerian Pastor who raped six people including underaged children and a man faulted the devil for his sexual misconduct.

Oluronbi whose pastoral origin was traced to Nigerian based Cherubim and Seraphim white garment ministry took his victims for “spiritual bathing” to cleanse them from evil spirits

Birmingham Crown Court arraigned Oluronbi after one of his victims opened up on the abuse she suffered in the hands of the self-claimed man of God.

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His trial revealed that he used his privileged profession as a Pharmacist to terminate pregnancies for some of his victims.

His wife was also charged with aiding and abetting crime after investigations revealed she was a willing accomplice in her husband’s crimes.

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However, Oluronbi confessed to the crimes after he was confronted by a victim’s relative. He said he was an animal who did not deserve to live among humans.

The video of his confession was recorded and tendered as evidence at the Birmingham Crown court.

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