Paul Okoye Slams Fraudsters For Flaunting Stolen Wealth Online


Paul Okoye has criticized fraudsters who flaunt their wealth online, knowing fully well the source of their wealth is illegal.

According to Paul Okoye, fraudsters in the old days were wise not to flaunt their wealth, they did it “codedly, silently” and with “no show off”.

Paul Okoye revealed that it’s their show off on social media that gets them caught by authorities.

“Una Yahoo Yahoo de shout anyhow, de show off de do anyhow,” he wrote.

He also called out the instagram commenters who judge the fraudsters after seeing their photos.

He wrote: “See make I tell una… Even before FBI, Interpol, or EFCC catch una… Social media and the association of Instagram commenters don judge una case finish.

“Association of Instagram commenters (A. I. C) also known as Amebo Intelligent Center, I just de hail una #saynotofrauds,”

This comes after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) declared that Instagram celebrity, Ramoni Igbalode, popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi has a case to answer with the agency.

The anti-graft agency said this in response to reports by Hushpuppi’s brother that the Instagram celebrity has no case to answer with the EFCC.

Hushpuppi was arressted by the INTERPOL for computer and wire fraud targeted at Coronavirus relief funds meant for Americans.

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According to the EFCC, it has been investigating the Instagram celebrity for a number of cyber crime activities for a while now.

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