PDP Is Finished If This Happens- Jonathan

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan has warned the People’s Democratic Party to tread carefully while appointing a new Chairman and members to make up the  National Working Committee.

Jonathan said this while receiving Chief Raymond Dokpesi, an aspirant for the party’s national chairmanship position.

Jonathan stated that if a mistake is made on the choice of party chairman then PDP is ‘finished’

Jonathan said; “This time around we need a very courageous and vocal person to be the chairman. There are two positions that we must not make mistake on – the positions of the national chairman and that of the national publicity secretary because I have worn the shoes before and I know where it pinches.

“If we make a mistake as a party and elect a wrong chairman and publicity secretary, we are finished.”

“We need a very competent person and a team player, somebody who will not negotiate to get money from the aspirants to make them candidates.

“If you do that, you have destroyed the party because a party must come up with programmes and policies that will elect the best of the best.

“If you present the best material, the chances of your wining election are stronger than when you present a wrong material. We need such kind of chairman that will galvanise the national committee and also link up with state committees and do the best for the party.

“This is key so that by 2019 when we go for the general elections, the PDP will have majority in the states’ Houses and National Assembly and of course, the PDP must win the Presidency. “

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