Photos: Teacher lands in hospital after being savagely attacked by pregnant parent

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A middle-aged teacher had to be rushed to the hospital after she was badly beaten by a parent of a child in the school where she teaches. The victim, Mpuseng Sepotokele is a grade three teacher in Leema Primary School which is located in Tlhatlaganyane, South Africa.

While narrating the incidence, Sepotokele’s son, Tlhalefang, mentioned that his mother bumped into her attacker at her school’s gate as she was going in for the day’s work. As soon as she saw her, the pregnant parent began to hit his mom with an umbrella she held, claiming that she assaulted her child.

Tlhalefang said, “My mother called me around eight in the morning saying I should come to the school as she was assaulted. I rushed there to find her in the staff room in bad shape. She said a parent beat her at the school gates for no reason. Right now I don’t know if I want her going back to that school.”

Photos: Teacher lands in hospital after being savagely attacked by pregnant parent

Sepotokele, who was drenched in blood, took pictures of the injuries she sustained and shared in on social media. The pictures have now gone viral and earned the attention of the chief executive officer of the National Professional Teachers Organization in South Africa, Tshwanelo Mmutlana.

In her reaction, she urged that government should endeavor to provide protection for teachers in the country just as there are laws protecting leaners.

Mmutlana stated, “Teachers are bullied and harassed in classrooms and it is enough. We want laws that protect teachers, we want police visibility at schools and serious action to be taken against those abusing teachers. Learners are bullies who are protected by laws and they know nothing will happen to them.”

The school authorities mentioned that such incidence had never occurred in the school since inception and the parent has been taken away from the community to avoid further hostilities from those who felt she went too far.

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