VIDEO: Nigerian Student In India Brutalized By Mob

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A Nigerian student in India was reported to have been brutalized by a mob of Indians in Delhi.

The Nigerian student identified as Endurance Amalawa was reportedly beaten by the mob in what is believed to be a racial attack.

The brutality comes after news emerged that a group of about 500 Indians attacked Africans especially shoppers in the aftermath of a candle light service held for an Indian female teen who died in an apparent drug overdose.

Residents of the area were reported to have pointed accusing fingers at five Nigerian students who were later released by the Indian Police on grounds that they could not be connected with the crime.

Endurance who is the latest victim of what is believed to be a racial attack was reported to have been in a local mall with his brother, Precious when he was attacked.

Indian Police however intervened before the Nigerian student was severely harmed.

Watch video below:

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