Video: Police Release Clip Showing Drake’s Friend Fif Getting Shot


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Toronto Police has released footage of the fatal shooting that claimed the life of Drake’s friend, Anthony Soares “Fif”, in an attempt to further track the suspects.

Detective Gary Giroux said the Victim, 33, was dropped off on Thursday (September 14) at a residential high-rise in Scarborough around 3 a.m. when he was ambushed after he entered the building.

The security footage shows two suspects exiting a white For Fusion and running towards Anthony “Fif” before opening fire through the glass.

Watch Video:

Giroux told reporters that “the deceased is trapped between the inner foyer area and the offenders who are on the opposite side of the glass. The deceased falls to the floor of the foyer. The suspects continue to fire at the deceased while he’s lying on the floor.”

“Both of the suspects are armed with semi-automatic pistols. The video shows that both of the weapons lock in the open position which indicates the weapons are now empty.” He added

At the end of the video, we see the two suspects jump back in the Ford Fusion and drive away.

Drake posted a tribute to his fallen friend on social media last week.

He has decided to make his tribute permanent.

On Monday (September 18), tattoo artist Inal Bersekov shared a photo of the rapper’s recent tattoo; a portrait of Fif with the words “FOREVER FIF”.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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