Police Request Bribe, To Prosecute Feared Herbalist Who Raped A Disabled Minor,

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After a disabled minor, Onwuzulike was raped by a man called Tajudeen Akintoye on Monday, Daniel Onuzulike her relative has taken to social media to get justice after the police allegedly asked the victims family for money to keep the suspect detained.

According to his post, the police at Itele police station refused to arrest the suspect because he is believed to possess supernatural powers.

The victim who is disabled was raped in Adeleye, Lafenwa, close to Ayobo. The incident was reported to the Itle, Ado Odo Local Government Area police station.

Daniel revealed to PUNCH Online sources that the suspect was caught in the act and has admitted his guilt:

“He was caught in the act, the father of the girl caught him He saw him and the girl naked. He has also confessed and there is a video. Then the security outfit in the area also had evidence against him.”

The suspect who is a herbalist, was arrested by the VSO security outfit and handed over to the police.

Leonard Onwuzulike the 62-year-old father of the victim disclosed that the Police contacted him to tell him they needed money to transport him to the State Force Headquarters in Eleweran, Abeokuta and could no longer keep him in their custody.

“They actually need a token, that is right now, and I told them I don’t have anything for now. So, they said what I should do now is to go and look for a vehicle that will take us to the force headquarters.”

In his post, Daniel stated the police plan to release the suspect today and asks for the message to be circulated till it reaches the relevant authorities so the disabled child whose rights and privacy have been violated especially in her vulnerable condition may have justice.

When asked about the communication the DPO of Itele Police Station, who declined to give his name, stated that nobody asked the family to bring money as they sympathised with them.

“There was nothing like that, the suspect himself is in the cell. I expected the family to come now so that I will take the parties to Abeokuta. Because it is a High Court Case, it is not a case that would be charged to court at the divisional level.

Also the father of the victim came here yesterday around 5:30pm. He brought the medical report from the hospital.”

The DPO alleges that the reason they have not taken the suspect to Abeokuta because they are waiting for the family to show up.

“It was my IPO that has been feeding the suspect and has been using money to do everything. We have assessed them, there is nothing they have. And if you see the girl, you will pity the girl. She is disabled. And the man confessed. So, how do you think we are going to ask them for money? Over what?

It was me who wanted to bring out my money to transport them. But for them to come now, we couldn’t see them. Nobody asked them to bring anything.”

see Daniels’ post below

Daniel Onzulike's fb post pleading for support to convict a criminal who raped a diabled girl

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