President Jonathan Plans 20 million man march ahead of 2015 declaration


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President Goodluck Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have concluded plans to hold a 5 million man march at an October 19th rally in Abuja, according to sources. The rally will serve as a precedent for the formal declaration of the President’s desire to seek a second term in office.

The October 19th rally will be chased by a two million-man march in each of the six geopolitical zones of the country and three million-man marches in selected cities.

According to sources in the Presidency, the rallies will serve to ” kick start his (President’s) campaigns, where he will tell Nigerians of his decision to contest for a second term in office at the 2015 presidential election.

“The national solidarity march is to showcase the achievements of thepresident, especially the transformation agenda, and use the march as a deliberate policy to activate his support base at the grassroots.

“It is expected that the successful national solidarity marches in Abuja, the six geopolitical zones, and selected commercial cities will make it easier for President Jonathan to come out gracefully to announce his second term ambition.
“Also, the national solidarity march is aimed to demonstrate the unity within the PDP as a political party and to state categorically that the PDP is solidly behind the administration of President Jonathan, and above all, to showcase the PDP as one united family in line with the motto and slogan of the million-man march, which is ‘one party, one family.’”

According to the source all PDP stakeholders are expected to participate.

“All PDP governors, ministers, principal officers of the national and state assemblies of the PDP-controlled states, and members of the national and state assemblies and all elected officials of the party at the local government levels are expected to participate.

“The national solidarity march would have taken place before the October 19 date, but it was moved forward to enable the reconciliation of the aggrieved governors and other members to take place.”

“By October 7, it is expected that the PDP would have been one united family, hence the national solidarity march is for peace and one indivisible united Nigeria.”


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  1. Wale Reze says

    Meeeeen!!! This country is just bedeviled with EVIL men….. Nigeria would never grow until this current crop of politicians is REMOVED from helms of affairs.
    Poverty level is 70%….. 70% of 170 million Nigerians is 119 million hungry, frustrated and impoverished human beings and all you as a President can think of is wasting more public funds on some bogus 20 million man march??? Wow!!!!

  2. prince says

    wale reze i pity people like who believe in everything writing in pages of news papers,this why lies sale more than anything else. people like you that believe in such cook and bull story will be the first to disagree any organization that conducts and evaluate government achievements and publish the positive side of it.

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