Beauty Hack: Prevent Hair Loss With These Tips

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Hair loss is almost inevitable with the human body and there are a thousand things that can be done to slow down or totally check hair loss.

It is completely normal for people to shed hair daily but when it is overly persistent, it becomes a thing of concern. However, some cases of hair loss can stop on its own.

Some conditions like scalp infection, thyroid issues, stress, and aging can also be leading causes of loss of hair.

Thankfully, put together below is a list of effective tips that can help combat hair loss.

  • Protein consumption

Eating a protein-rich diet has proved effective in the prevention of hair loss. Foods like chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, beans, fish and low-fat dairy are great choices.

  • Regular washing of your hair

Maintaining a clean and healthy scalp will effectively check hair loss. Wash and massage your hair regularly. Mild shampoo should be used instead of harsh ones.

  • Include vitamin A in your diet

Due to the healthy composition of the Vitamin A, studies have shown that it may assist in speeding up the rate of hair growth. The vitamin is also said to aid sebum production, which in turn reduces loss of hair and keeps the scalp healthy. Vitamin A rich foods include spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, milk and milk products, fish etc.

  • Rub coconut oil

Research ahs made it clear that coconut oil may assist in avoiding hair-damage caused by varying factors. Massage coconut oil into hair to prevent breakage.

  • Gentle styling

Tightly packed hair can result into excess hair loss. Try to be more gentle when styling or braiding hair.

  • Use onion juice

Application of onion juice to scalp twice a day has been observed to enable regrowth of hair.

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