Reactions as Teenager destroys Mother’s Kitchen for denying his request

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Following a viral video which showed a young Nigerian lad Chidera, destroying his mother’s kitchen because she denied him a request, online users have expressed their shock at the teenager’s maniacal behaviour

Here are some comments culled from Instablog9ja and LIB news site.

Hehehe! Dem they even reason with am 🤣🤣. Bring him home!!!! He needs resetting 😡😡. If not, no be pikin be this o!

God knows i don’t blame this boy ,some parents are doing a very bad job in raising their kids,so this is the end result. 👏👏👏👏,there’s a level of discipline you will instill in your child ,he wouldn’t dare 🙌

some many comments here are just irritating….. must you have to be aggressive to raise a child?! ….

This scene happened in Ireland. Children raised by single parents can be just as happy and mentally healthy as children living with two biological parents. Whether a child has one parent or more, children do well when they have parenting that’s nurturing, warm, sensitive, responsive and flexible!..

Children can be frightened by the strong emotions that go along with separation between parents. If you’re a single parent experiencing separation, it’s good to tell your child that both parents love him and that the separation isn’t his fault. Speaking ill of one to the child does more damage…
Most of these single parents here live an irresponsible lifestyle, bad co-parenting, focusing more on d**/p** arrangement. Smh


I trust my papa , only one slap you go clean the whole house even the day them no tell am to clean am

Shey u see 1 advantage of Nigeria… 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Definitely mental health issues. Madam, if you are not careful, that boy may kill you. You have raised a thug. Keep your life insurance away from him. Report to the police. Send him to Nigeria for a while for a brain reset. In the meantime, don’t sleep with your two eyes open. That son of yours has zero regards for you and he can kill you without a thought. Be careful!

It pains me to see a child does that to the parent but its a pointer to the fact that the parent were not proactive when necessary, when chidera was younger. To much of freedom and westernization leads to this. I was almost a victim until God helped me to act right. My people who relocate abroad should be careful, dont allow your child or children that full exposure, if you have your way let them live in Africa and go for vacation, dont end up losing them to government or psycho hall, so many Americans are regretting their lives.

This video annoys the hell out of me. Reason why you should train your kids here in naija and send them abroad when they are grown but again it’s a parenting thing coz I am sure there are some kids who are brought up properly even in abroad. I really wish this boy was here in naija, even if his parent can’t do much, just the association of neighbors, for carry this matter for their head and beat the madness off him… Stupid boy. Not like he can even afford the things he spoilt. God please don’t give me this kind of child…

He is effeminate/gay. My brother behaves like this…It is usually the gay ones that have bad temper and throw tantrums like this; his mannerism suggests this as well. I pity his parents because if they call the police they may escalate things and he may end up dead.
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