APC’s Change Agenda Is A Labour In Vain – Niran Malaolu


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A former commissioner of Information and Strategy in Ogun state, Dr. Niran Malaolu, has advise the ruling party, All Progressive Congress, APC, to change strategy as its ‘Change’ agenda is a labour in vain.

Niran Malaolu while speaking as a guest speaker at the exploratory conference heralding the third Lagos Open Parliament organised by the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders in collaboration with People’s Action for Democracy during the week in Lagos said the APC’s change agenda will continue to be in vain unless the country is restructured.

He further advised the APC to look beyond their political goal and those promises made prior to their election in office and channel its strength into social change by putting in place policies that would ensure equitable distribution of resources.

Malaolu while describing the current situation in the country said Nigeria’s current position is one “where Peter is robbed to pay Paul.”

He said: “With the way Nigeria is currently structured, real change is not possible. Whatever any governor is trying to do will only amount to event, which cannot last. Change within any state or section of the country can only be cosmetic under the existing structure of the country.”

Malaolu continued: “We are in prison structurally in Nigeria, and this is why the APC change won’t work. The nation cannot continue like this or we will not have our freedom. The state governors know this, but will not talk because they want to be seen as being politically correct.”

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