The reasons I keep criticizing Buhari: Zakariyya Aliyu Gwaram

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President Muhammadu Buhari
A good leader should be proactive, a good leader should have plans long-term/short-term, a good leader should always prioritize his subjects before any other thing, a good leader should ascertain what’s achievable within his period of reign, a good leader must always see the completion of every task assigned. These are common attitudes of a good leader which no one can say otherwise no matter how blindly inclined you are to anyone.
The above-mentioned yardstick is undoubtedly missing in the Buhari domain.
Let’s take a tour through his laxity: When the president catechized the head of services on the insurgency raining in the northeast the outcome of that “holy meeting” was “soon insurgency shall be overcome in the north” to some extend things halted but not too comforting when the story change again. Several attacks were carried out on civilians sometimes military. The transfer of head of services to Maiduguri was a good gesture from the president nonetheless, the scenario needed more than that as there was a failure to curtail the insurgency.


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Shamelessly, Chad had to rescue some of our gallant soldiers (May the souls of soldiers lost in keeping Nigeria safe be honored by God). A country that’s less to us in almost everything you can mention. How did they do it? Their president doesn’t sit all day reading papers and giving languid speeches, he stood to the treat, fully focus until he overcomes. Now that’s yet to be harness from Buhari.
From his first tenure in office, Buhari must have enough time to figure out the bad eggs in his basket. From this #EndSars protest, it’s clearly evident that the chain of benevolence was extended from the presidency and such allotments had been slice by some of the bad eggs in his basket and he couldn’t see because he thought it’s the same Nigeria he ruled before. Well, it’s not! And I bet the perpetrators will go free.
How often do you see dynamism and adaptations as ingredients to modern leadership?
Well, they’re…well they are very pertinent considering you can’t stage a successful military coup now that everyone is radio and Tv stations unlike before. There are lots of inadvertency in your government that could have been avoided if only you dance to the tune of reality.
I remember the first few months you took over power, there was this tranquility, accountability, and self-judgment that gives the nation fresh air but all was futile because you approach Nigeria’s problem primately.
Baba nothing is fine! Not even the anointed ministers you took months to announced are doing your biddings, the north is criticizing Fashola for doing little in their region as minister of power, the Mambila hydropower which by your saying should almost be up and running but it’s stilled and the north fault Fashola because he wouldn’t execute a project that will develop the north similarly Adamu Adamu was on the sword edge for the thousands of appointments he gave to northerners (well mostly Guddurawa) and both allegations may likely be the truth but what did you do?
Most of the states these ministers come from are not happy with their representations.
You don’t expect me to remind you that most of these governors don’t fit in the same show as you or willing to change Nigeria as you claim. Adapt a way to live with people you don’t agree on things not to sit there and watch the people (who actually voted for you) suffer.


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Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise to me, when you condole foreign nations and forgot Zamfara, Borno, Yobe, and even your home state Katsina.
Buhari I criticize you because you find comfort in honesty the majority believe you exhibit. Well Sir!, even though honesty is a quality of good a leader,
Nigeria requires more than that to work as a nation.
From omnicompetence to incompetence your concerns towards the common man keeps diminishing.
And this is all happening because of your laxity or do you blame the citizens who have faith in you to fight for their common needs?.
Despite knowing your time is limited but you rule as if you have forever, no wonder they call you “Baba Go Slow”.
You simply can not take this nation for granted. These elite class most of them fought to deny your power. Many of them want sons of nobody to be somebody. Now it’s time to show you belong to everybody and you belong to nobody.
Sanitize your government! Baba

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