Senate Presidency: Why I Can’t Step Down Like Goje Even If Buhari Asks Me To – Ndume

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Contender for the position of Senate President, Sen. Ali Ndume (APC – Borno South) has revealed what he would do should President Muhammadu Buhari invite him for a meeting like he did Sen. Danjuma Goje (APC – Gombe Central).

Recall that Goje, who was seeking the position, announced his withdrawal from the race to head the 9th Senate shortly after a meeting with Buhari in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Goje also endorsed the top contender, Sen. Ahmed Lawan (APC – Yobe North), for the position.

However, Ndume said he would not be withdrawing from the race, saying it was too late to do so.

In an interview with Daily Trust, the Borno senator, when asked whether he would also withdraw, said: Why’re you asking whether I’ve withdrawn or not? I’ve been in the race ab initio; Goje did not at any time formally announce that he was contesting for the Senate presidency. It’s too late for me to withdraw; we’ve passed that level because there’s no reason for that. Afterall, give me one reason why I should withdraw.

Asked if he would honour presidential invitation over the matter, Ndume stated: If Mr President asks me to meet him is a different matter. He’s my leader, I will honour the invitation but stepping down is another thing. If he calls me anytime, I will go and discuss with him; but the issue of Senate presidency is an entirely different thing. I do visit the president even without invitation; but stepping down at this period will be disastrous to my political career and it’s not necessary because there’s no one and convincing reason for me to stepdown.

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