#SexForGrades: BBC Reporter, Kiki Mordi is a University Drop-out

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Kiki Mordi, the BBC Reporter who exposed the illicit sexual activities of University Lecturers, in the BBC documentary “Sex-For-Grades”, is a University drop-out.

Miss Mordi was unable to complete her University education because of sexual advances from University Lecturers who were more interested in her body than in her academics.

These randy acts displayed by University Lecturers must have fuelled her determination to expose the scourge of Sex-For-Grades, plaguing the education system in Africa, by all possible means backed up with hard-core, undeniable evidence.

This determination birthed the documentary #SexForGrades where she had to go into these universities, working as an undercover Journalist but pretending to be a 17-year old girl, who was seeking admission and was at the mercy of Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu.

Kiki Mordi also expressed an interest to complete her studies only under a saner environment, which is a conducive learning environment void of sexual predators in the form of Lecturers.

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She made this known via her Twitter handle. According to Kiki, when asked about University studies, she replied  “Nope I never did. I’m a University dropout. I hope to go back to school because I enjoy learning”

“I”m a University Dropout ” – Kiki Mordi

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