Shoprite: Nigerians react as Retail Giant mulls exit from Nigeria


Following the announcement of retail Giant ShopRite revealing plans to discontinue operations in Nigeria, citizens have taken to social media to express their thoughts regarding the new development.


While many Nigeria blamed Buhari-led administration for the economic downturn of the nation which may have contributed to ShopRite exit from Nigeria, other Nigerians are of the opinion the exit of the retail Giant will give more room for local businesses to expand.


On Twitter,


The exit of Shoprite from Nigeria should tell you what you need to know about the “size of the Nigerian consumer market” and the economic incompetence of the present administration.


Anyway, Leventis & Kingsway Stores suffered the same fate under a previous Buhari Administration.


If Shoprite wants to stay,they can stay;if they want to go,they can go;it will help local supermarkets to grow.


Mr Price has closed shop and left Nigeria. Apparently Shoprite too is closing its operations and leaving Nigeria after selling its stakes.


Very soon multichoice and MTN might also leave. Buhari is really doing a great job and Nigerians are lucky to have him as President.


ShopRite leaving is proof you need that Buhari is an economic failure


Nigerians are poorer, FDI is leaving and foreign companies are closing


You don’t fight poverty by closing your borders for trade


You will just create a man made inflation & worsen poverty


Finally,the Buhari inefficiency has fingered Shoprite;like everything else. The silence from the 30k a month crew is cos they are right now in their WhatsApp group waiting for talking-points on how to spin this one.Let me give them a key:blame it on Covid. The GEJ angu is stale.

@FrostGafar replied @Mazigburugburu1

Oga I really disagree with you,why can’t you look at the angle of medium supermarkets springing up in every neighborhood with almost the same or lesser price. So why would I visit ShopRite when I have alternative very close to me. We shouldn’t hang buhari on everything nah.


ShopriteSA contributed 78% of sales saw 8.7% rise. When I tried to explain the collapse & hollowing out of a consumer class folks called me unpatriotic. Nigerians always seem to overvalue the Nigeria market. Who cursed us with this Jayant of Hafrica thing


It will be almost impossible to survive with the Shoprite model. Their staff aren’t loyal too so quality experience for customers is compromised. Also, most of their products are even imported. It’s worse with our current and dwindling exchange rate too, devaluation of the naira


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