South Africans enraged as Cardi B announces visit using Nigerian nickname ‘Chioma B’


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South Africans have been angered by Cardi B’s announcement to visit their country under her adopted African name ‘Chioma B’.

Nigeria and South Africa are Africa’s biggest countries that act like rival siblings looking for every opportunity to prove their superiority.

Cardi B, American female rapper who visited Nigeria and Ghana last December has announced she would be visiting South Africa soon.

SOUTH AFRICA !! Chioma B is coming !!!!….Teach me more bout your country in the commentsRed heartRed heartRed heart

However, this news did not meet South Africans well because of the inclusion of Chioma B in the tweet. It would be recalled that Nigerians gave the female rapper ‘Chioma B’  when she visited the country December 2019.

They have since replied that the Rapper will get a new name the moment she sets feet in their country.

Read some of the reactions culled from Twitter


Ok, here it goes. 1. Here, your name is Khadi Bhi, not Chioma B



As soon as you land we’re giving you a new name, Buhle which means beauty. We can’t wait to see your performances!



B4 we teach you more about our country, first drop that Nigerian name or else no one’s goina attend your showsFootprints



Firstly, here we’re not going to use Chioma B – you’re Rakgadi B in South Africa.

Second, we LOVE chicken feet here too definitely a specialty you needa try amongst other things

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Chioma B aside… Down here you meet all the requirements to be called Mbali



Here you will not be Chioma! You are KHADI B



ChiomaB in Nigeria, your new SA name Sister Bethina!



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