Stephanie Otobo: Public Opinion Is Not Credit Alert – Apostle Suleman


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Founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman has described the recent allegation of infidelity made against him by Stephanie Otobo as lacking in merit.

He said it was a mere matter of public opinion which does not fetch anyone “credit alert” beyond talk.

Suleman also described the furore generated as the result of a media trial, adding that the allegations could not have stood up to scrutiny in a court of law.

Furthermore, he said the allegations were a blowback of him speaking against the powers-that-be.

He made theseknown while reacting to a question on how his wife responded to the scandal generated by the allegation.

Speaking to, Suleman said, “All these shenanigans that snowballed into what they called scandal, I don’t have a scandal. I can’t have a scandal. Anybody could come up with any allegation, that is the backlash you get when you speak truth to power.

“As far as I am concerned that’s a monumental lie because nothing like that ever happened. If we are going to talk about it we will be here for the whole day. I woke up like every other person woke up to see the news.

“Some Nigerians never asked the question, how come they didn’t go to court because I went to court. They didn’t go to court because they had nothing to show.

“It was just a media trial to dent my reputation and when they discovered that wasn’t working, they began to bring up so many to make the people feel if he is not innocent here, he is innocent here, so it was all drama.

“I really don’t bother myself about what people say because public opinion is not credit alert. There is no one that gets paid by what people say.

“Let me shock you, 90 percent of things that they say about me I have never read them. I don’t pick up my phone looking for what is not looking for me.”

On how his wife reacted while the drama lasted, Suleman said, “She brought it to my knowledge one morning and she asked what was going on. Who is this person? She read the story and also the comments and asked me what was going on and I said I don’t know.

“For the first few days, we didn’t know what was going on until we began to make calls. I think my wife is the champion in this whole drama because I wasn’t following the story.

“When I knew it was a sham, I got busy because I knew it was going to die naturally.

“Number one, my wife knows me. Number two, I try not to hide anything from her and I try to be transparent as possible and this stems from trust. I have teenage children.

“I sat them down and I said go through the video and I made sure they went through the video and they saw everything so I asked them if they had any question but they said ‘no we know our father’ and they walked away.”

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