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Chinese Company Compensates Nigerian Man After Boss Crippled Him With Kung-Fu Kicks

A Chinese company, Bedmate Furniture Company located in Magboro area of Ogun

Crippled Man Brutalized By Army Men For Wearing Camouflage Visits Army Barracks, Plied with Gifts

A video of some Army men flogging and beating a crippled man

I was Charmed and Could Not Walk For Over Two Years – Femi Branch

Evil people are everywhere, we need to be careful with the kind

Army Arrests Soldiers Who Brutalised Cripple For Wearing Camouflage In Viral Video

The Nigerian Army claims it has identified and arrested two soldiers who

Crippled Man Mysteriously Healed After Touching Late Blessed Tansi’s Remains

A miraculous sight was witnessed in Anambra state after a crippled man

Cripple, 3 Others Remanded for Alleged Gang Rape

A cripple and three other personsĀ  have been remanded in prison custody